23 Annoying Habits Of The People You Live With

Whether you live at home or share a house with your friends (or strangers for that matter), there are times when no matter how well you get on, they are just going to do something that gets on your nerves. It's inevitable when you share the same space with other people. If you're lucky, these things will rarely happen. But if not, well, you could always move. Or just retaliate, whatever's cheaper.

Drinking Straight Out Of The Carton

It doesn't matter how big the thirst is that you're trying to quench, you can take the extra ten seconds to pour the drink into a glass and drink from that. If I want your saliva mixed in with my milk I'll ask you to spit in it. Yeah. That's how disgusting a habit that is.


Putting Empty Boxes/Bottles/Containers Back In The Fridge

The only reason that people do this is that they aren't concentrating while they're tiding up after themselves. Please think about what you're doing and don't get my hopes up that there's still some M&M's left in that big empty bag in the fridge.



Blatantly Eating Your Food

This one I really just don't understand, unless they're going to replace the food basically straight after. I mean there's only a few of us in the house so it's not as if I can't figure out exactly who did it.



Leaving Dirty Dishes In The Sink

Don't even get me started.


Noisy Eating

Some people, in fairness, are just noisy eaters, and there's not a lot that they can do about it, it's just the way they chew and the shape of their face. I think. (Not to be confused with people who chew with their mouth open. Those people can't be helped.)



Leaving The Cap Off The Toothpaste

Now it's all stale and I can't use it. Dental hygiene is important to me god damn it!



Not Hanging Up The Towel After A Shower...

It can't dry properly down there, and becomes smellier in a much shorter space of time.


...Or Opening The Window

Leaving the mirror all fogged up, and that means I can't shave, or carry out my daily moisturising routine... Guys can have skin regimes too can't they?



Leaving The Toilet Seat Up

To be fair, I am actually guilty of this habit, and I don't really know what girls are complaining about. Couldn't they just put the toilet seat down themselves before they go? I mean which would they prefer, to have to put the toilet seat down, or for me not to have put it up in the first place, and pee all over it instead? As with most guys, my aim isn't that good.



Using Your Shampoo

Like stealing your food, there's only a certain amount of people that it could be. Only this one is much easier to figure out, especially when they come out of the bathroom smelling like my coconut conditioner. It's a men's product I swear.


Eating In Their Room And Leaving The Stuff Behind

By "stuff" I mean all of the cutlery, bowls, plates and cups they seem to be gathering into some sort of personal collection, meaning that I have nothing to eat my cereal with in the morning, or any meal throughout the day for that matter.



Not Replacing An Empty Toilet Roll

Or even worse, not buying more when they've used up the last roll in the house. Tissues and kitchen roll will only do for so long!



Not Cleaning The Oven After Use

Obviously the oven doesn't need to be cleaned after every time it's used, but it's common courtesy to clean up any spills that may have been caused by any of the food you were cooking.


Stinking Up The Fridge With Smelly Food

Again, I shouldn't really complain about this because everyone is entitled to eat whatever they want in their own house, but that blue cheese is just so pungent.



Hair In The Sink

No. Just, no.



Not Flushing The Toilet

I can only assume this is like the empty packets in the fridge and someone just wasn't concentrating before they left the bathroom. At least I really hope it wasn't intentional leaving it behind, that would be way too weird to cope with.


Stealing Your Charger

When someone asks to borrow something, the standard thing to do is to return whatever it is once they're finished with it. Not keep in their room indefinitely until I have to ask for it back.



Dragging Dirt In On Your Shoes

Okay this one might make me sound like a stereotypical Mammy, but we don't live in a pig sty, and how hard is it just to wipe shoes before coming in the door, or even taking them off at the door if that's too much of an effort.



Leaving Used Tea Bags On The Counter

Taking the teas bag out of the mug and leaving it on the spoon while you pour your milk in or get the biscuits is a pretty common habit. But don't just leave it there, throw it out before you leave the kitchen. The bin is 5 feet away from, it's not hard.


Being Loud In The Middle Of The Night

Just because they don't have any lectures or work or anything the next morning doesn't mean that everyone in the house doesn't. I have no problem having a few friends over for pre-drinks or even staying late just to sit and chat or whatever. But house parties and general shouting at 1am on a Wednesday is just not okay.



Having The Television Really Loud

Same goes for the TV, just at any time of the day. I shouldn't know what's on if I'm in my bedroom upstairs and the television is in the front room downstairs.



Watching Something Shit Religiously

And why is it that whatever show they watch is on five times a week? And on at the same time as something I want to watch?


Bringing Home Unwelcome Couch Surfers

And they stay for way longer than you expect them to. They make relaxing in your own house awkward.


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