Pass The Sick Bucket: Is This The Most Obnoxious Dating App Yet?

Pass The Sick Bucket: Is This The Most Obnoxious Dating App Yet?

The dating world is full of endless possibilities but this new app wants only the most exclusive dating applicants.

Like something out of Made In Chelsea or a 1950s British sitcom, Toffee only wants the crème de la crème of daters to set up a profile on their site.

It describes itself as "the world’s first dating app for people who were privately educated," London-based Toffee forbids anyone who wasn't educated in a private school to join. To give you a taster of the type of people Toffee is looking for, their dating rules include "never bring up Brexit during supper" *gag*:

If the app wasn't exclusive enough, the company promised to grant the first 1,000 members as 'founding members'. The exclusive list of 'founding members' gets six months free membership, free entry to Mahiki, Embargo's and a free ticket and complimentary drink at Chesterton's Polo in the Park. Who doesn't love polo?


I know what you're thinking: who would promote and create such an app? The Tab interviewed the founder of Toffee, Lydia Davis, who revealed why she felt the exclusive app was needed:

I think because it has "privately educated" in, it's naturally going to bring up some thoughts on that. But I really want people to realise that it's about dating and dating in London is really difficult. There are more single people in London than ever, so obviously we wanted to create a niche group, and there are niche apps all over to help someone find someone they want to fall in love with.It's more about that. We're not elitist, we're not trying to be snobby, private schooling is just another element for groups of people.

Although they'll try their best to stop non-private school-goers from joining the app there's no real way of the app finding out your education background unless you're reported. With over 3,000 'founding members', the app is expected to launch at the end of April.

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