Top 6 Netflix Shows You Should Be Watching Right Now

Summer is finally here! You should all be reclining on a sun lounger or having a ball in a sun drenched beer garden. However, if you want to spend the occasional day or night flat out binging on Netflix- Who are we to judge? You have EARNED this free time to do whatever the fuck you want with it! So grab some snacks and a blanket and get horizontal on that sofa because we have to top 6 shows you need to watch..

1. Orange Is The New Black

Great acting, plenty of twists and a solid cast Orange is the New Black is a show you simply have to watch this summer. It’s totally impossible to keep viewing restricted to one or two episodes a day so just go to town on this- draw the blinds and watch every episode of the three seasons in one go. Do it, we won't say a thing. Now you can excitedly await the new season just like the rest of us, season 4 premieres on June 17.


2. Supernatural

This has got to be hands down one of my favorite shows! Firstly, alll of the main characters are just wildly, ridiculously hot. Look I don't need to say any more except that- Supernatural literally has it all, trust me and give it a watch- you will not be disappointed.



3. Pretty Little Liars

I cannot stress enough how good this show is. Any fan of it will confirm that if you don’t catch up on the episodes, you’ll be utterly lost when the new series airs. If you have never watched it before, now is the perfect time to binge-watch all six seasons. Be warned though once you start watching, you will be full on addicted to this series.



4. Jane The Virgin

If, like us, you love Gina Rodriguez, why not watch her smash hit Netflix show this summer? Jane The Virgin is so hilarious and just plain odd that you’ll be fine with sacrificing that vitamin D to watch it.


5. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Ok there is now two seasons of this on Netflix and it is so funny that you will be on the verge of peeing yourself on the regular. In my opinion Jane Krakowski and Tituss Burgess are the standout gems of the show... Peeeeenoooooooo Noiiiiiir anybody?!



6. Grey's Anatomy

I have missed out on so many events because of Grey's Anatomy, the casts fake lives have been that real and important to me. The 11 BRILLIANT seasons could make you perfectly content with wallowing in a darkened room under a blanket drowning in emotion for as long as it takes to get through them all. This show feels very real and the medical characters and plot lines are seriously intense. Some very steamy episodes aswell- you wouldn't believe what can go on in a janitors closet...


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