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I’ve recently joined twitter… Well I’ve recently started using it. I’ve had the account for about two maybe three years but it wasn’t until the end of 2012 that I began properly tweeting! In my first 2 days I managed 60 tweets which amazes me considering I’d rarely post more than 2 statuses a week on Facebook. However I’m now addicted to twitter and in my short time I’ve managed to pin point certain things people on twitter do on the regular. Five things to be more precise! So here we go, the four things people do on twitter!

#Hashtag Everything


I have no idea why but for some reason nearly every tweet has to be hashtagged otherwise I feel it’s incomplete. No matter how witty I feel the tweet is or if I’m tweeting something serious I feel the need to hashtag something inane on it that ultimate ends up destroying everything I aimed to do in the first place. It’s like there’s a little bird on my shoulder except it’s not the cute logo you constantly see on your screen it’s some sort of Raven or Crow or Carrier-pigeon that’s constantly squawking to type #lol or #winning at the end so it can feast on the corpse of my tweet that dies on your timeline.


Talk… In General

I’ve realised that I actually tend to talk more on twitter than any other social media or even sometimes in real life. I think it’s mainly because people response to you more on Twitter. With Facebook posting a status has become mainly about getting as much likes as possible or getting some bebo stunnah to ask “Wats rong bbz?”, but with twitter it’s more about discussion. Don’t get me wrong I love notching likes on my statuses and being filled with pride at the fact that people notice but I’d much prefer people to engage with what I said which is what I find happens more on twitter which inevitably leads to me tweeted more as I crave human contact even if it’s through the medium of a keyboard.

Attract Lesbian Spam Accounts


Every week I get several risqué lesbian accounts following me which I’m not sure to take as a compliment or not to be honest. Maybe I’m such a lady killer that I can attract even the most hardened lesbians with under 160 characters or maybe it’s just because they think I’ll be so happy that someone actually followed me that I’ll instantly follow them back either way they swarm around like flies.


Indirectly tweet people


This one took me a while to actually do because I normally hated it but I soon released that was only because I wasn’t actually involved in it. As soon as I knew what people are indirectly tweeting about I become Perez Hilton and go crazy with it. I hate myself for it don’t get me wrong but it is honestly to much fun being bitchy with a crowd. Also being a coward I tend to indirectly tweet when someone has posted something I know is wrong to correct them to avoid confrontation. See kids sometimes being coward can be so much fun.

After reading all this and you think "I should follow this guy" then you can @Kainyewest. If you don't think this then I respect your decision but you're wrong and I ha

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