Two College Towns Officially Have The Most Single People In Ireland

Two College Towns Officially Have The Most Single People In Ireland

If you're single and looking for love then we bring you good news! The CSO are here to help.

This week they've released their latest publication of findings from the 2016 Census and it includes the marital status of the good people of these shores. When analysed at a county level, Galway (53.3%), Dublin (53.2%) and Cork (51.9%) have the highest percentages of single people over the age of 15. However these results are to be taken with a pinch of salt, given that they would all be counties with quite a young population, given the amount of people who have moved to the three cities for work or education.

When you delve a little deeper into the data - i.e. the next paragraph in their report - we discover the two towns (>10,000 population) with the highest proportion of single people in Ireland are Maynooth and Sligo town. Again the fact that these are student towns would go some way to explaining this but when you consider that there are plenty of other college towns around the country, if you're taking the sensible option and choosing your third level institution based purely on the possibility of finding love then Maynooth University and Sligo IT are the places to be!



If you live in Malahide or Greystones then you're basically screwed because they have been found to have the lowest proportion of single people of any large towns in Ireland, so you might want to move to the likes of Mountrath, Fethard or Lifford as they ranked highest for single people in towns with a population of 1,500-10,000 people.

The worst news of all is reserved for single men living in Portlaoise. I don't want to sound too apocalyptic but you're basically screwed lads. In Portlaoise there are 8,512 single males over the age of 15 but only 3,151 single females. In fact in all the large towns in Ireland there are more single men than women.

God speed lads. God speed.

Mark Farrelly

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