52 Christmas Presents We All Wanted When We Were Younger...

Santa lists sure have changed, haven't they? Remember when you were interesting? When your Christmas list included things like "A glow-in-the-dark dinosaur, a WWF skateboard and army men!" Now, your standard Christmas list consists of "Clothes, money, an iPhone 6 and a reason to get up in the mornings." We've all become so damn boring, we should just go back to the days of Polly Pockets and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Speaking of which... how many things on this list did you ask for, back in the '90s?

1) Slinkies

2) Transformers

3) Sky-Dancers


4) Pyjamas With Your Favourite Cartoons On Them

5) Action Man

6) Furby


7) Tamagotchis

8) Poo-Chi

9) Pogs


10) V-tech

12) Pokemon Blue/Red

13) Skateboards


14) Scalextric

15) Talkboy

16) Polly Pocket/Mighty Max


17) Hot Wheels

18) Super Soakers

19) The Tyco Rebound


20) Sea Monkeys

21) Fashion Faces

22) View Master


23) Power Ranger Action Figures

24) Scooters

25) Finger Boards


26) See Through Phones

27) An Echo Mike

28) Velcro Catch


29) This Castle!

30) Spirograph

31) Blo-Pens


32) Fake Goo

33) Stretch Armstrong

34) A Super Nintendo


35) K'nex

36) Bop It

37) Lego


38) This Mat!

39) Bead Jewellery

40) Beanie Babies


41) Troll Dolls

42) Creepy Crawlers

43) Mr. Freeze


44) Walkman/Discman

45) Mr. Pop

46) Boglins


47) The Game Of Perfection

48) Crocodile Dentist

49) Pogo Ball


50) Operation

51) Sega Mega Drive

52) Orange VHS Tapes

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Stephen Hill
Article written by
I like everything everything that was big in the 80's: Meatloaf power ballads, video games with swords and dragons, cartoons about anthropomorphic animals solving crimes and movies with Bill Murray in them. I know nothing about any sports, with the exception of Quidditch. I'm also fond of tea, the occasional custard cream and support the Browncoats

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