Festival Beauty Survival Kit: 18 Items You Need In Your Makeup Bag

No Matter what festival you're hitting up this Summer, you need to pack these bad boys to ensure you look fresh all weekend.

1) Light Coverage Bases

I know avoiding heavy coverage can be tough when you're not comfortable with your skin, but lighter foundations and bb/cc creams look better as the day goes on. Heavy foundations tend to blotch easier. Bourjois' Healthy Mix foundation is nice and light but with good coverage. It also has two different formulas - foundation or gel - depending on whether you have dry or oily skin. Oh, and it smells like apricots. Mmmm. Get it here. 

2) Blotting Paper

All that dancing is bound to work up a sweat. Blotting paper is the best way to remove oiliness. Boots have their own brand ones on offer for only €2.50 so snap 'em up before they're gone. You can find them here. 

3) Primers/ Setting Sprays

Use primers and setting spray to prolong your makeup. Don't have a setting spray? Using hairspray to set makeup is a top industry secret. Just don't do it too often as it's bad for your skin, but once off it's perfectly okay. Two spritz of Urban Decay's All Nighter Setting Spray and your makeup will be set for the day! Get it here. 

4) Headbands/ Headscarves

Grease, frizz, sticky alcohol covered hair... use a headscarf or headband to distract from your bhd.

5) Don't You Dare Leave Home Without Dry Shampoo

I know you won't, but just stressing the important. Baby powder also works great for you fairer haired ladies.

6) Gel Eyeliner

It lasts much longer than liquid and tends to smudge less. And forget about using bottom eyeliner. You're just asking for panda eyes. My all time favourite is Maybelline's Lasting Drama Black Shock Gel Eyeliner Pen. Whenever I run out of one, I buy another one straight away! The staying power of a gel, but the convenience of a pen, it's super easy to use and does not budge! I've never experience panda eyes aprés shower. Get it here.

7) Waterproof Everything

Eyeliner, mascara, tan... either way it's gonna sweat off or wash off in the rain.

8) Brow Mascara

Keep those eyebrows on fleek. Don't want your eyebrows running down your face now do you?

9) Don't Forget SPF

Even if it's not sunny, you're outside all day and your skin needs protection!

10) Bright Lipstick

Not bothered with eye makeup? Keep your eyes simple and add a pop of colour to your lips to dress up your makeup look. I adore Bourjois' Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks. They last all day, come in a great variety of colours, and feel so soft and velvety. What's not to love? Hot Pepper is the most perfect red lipstick! Find it here. 


11) Litres Of Water

Drink as much water as you possibly can, otherwise your skin will be in bits by the end of the weekend.

12) Face And Hand Cream

Maybe it's just me, but I can't stand having dry skin.

13) Makeup Wipes


14) Mouthwash

Because sometimes we're too lazy to brush our teeth.. disgusting, I know.

15) Bobbins and Bobby pins

You will want to pull your hair off your face at some point. Even if you did spend an hour curling it.

16) Sample perfumes

These little testers are available for free at all pharmacies and are a lot handier than bringing a whole bottle!

17) Hand Sanitisers

Because let's be real, festivals are dirty.

18) Deodorant

An obvious one, I know... but hey, it's still an essential. You need some deo for your BO.

Emma Mulholland
Article written by
Journalism and French student with an unhealthy obsession for all things fashion and beauty. Comedy nerd and art enthusiast. I just want to live in Paris and enjoy lattes and croissants on a daily basis.

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