7 Delicious Vegetarian Restaurants You Need To Visit in Dublin

7 Delicious Vegetarian Restaurants You Need To Visit in Dublin

Let's face it: 95% of meat eaters wouldn't step foot inside an eating establishment that didn't include steak, burger or chicken on their menu. But those people are missing out big time.

With this list of vegetarian restaurants in Dublin, we hope to show that it doesn't necessarily have to be about being a strict herbivore, but about experiencing amazing food. Some of the following restaurants are also vegan:


Location: 83 Middle Abbey Street & 4 Aungier St

Online Review: "Good tasting food that doesn't cost a fortune." CassyCass.


Umi Falafel

Location: 13 Dame St & 180 Rathmines Rd Lower

Online Review: "Prompt and efficient service, Friendly and relaxed atmosphere, very good food and excellent value." Welshgiant.

Sova Vegan Butcher


Location: 51 Pleasants St, Portobello

Online Review: "Possibly the best vegan restaurant in Dublin for an evening meal. The menu is creative and it is a culinary experience not to forget."


Location: Richmond Place

Food truck open Thu-Sat 5:00pm-10:00pm.


Online Review: "The menu changes here each week and is always fantastic, it's posted on their facebook page beforehand, each week has a theme. It is run by a friendly Australian chef and a lovely woman, could eat here every day." TarAldarion.

Blazing Salads

Location: 42 Drury Street (at next to George's Street Arcade)


Online Review: "They have really great options here and lots of yummy sugar free vegan and gluten free cakes - the ginger and lemon cake is wonderful." Tish22.

Cornucopia Wholefoods

Location: 19 Wicklow Street (at Grafton St)

Online Review: "Lovely variety of starter, main courses and the Holy Grail of vegan dining out, desserts." cullwer.



Location: 27 Camden Place, Dublin 2

Online Review: "The food was excellent and the price more than reasonable. The staff was friendly and the restaurant was a great place for a relaxed lunch/ breakfast!" Lotteke.

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