Watch: Dublin Grandad's Hilarious Final Prank At His Own Funeral Goes Viral

Watch: Dublin Grandad's Hilarious Final Prank At His Own Funeral Goes Viral

A Dublin man, named as Shay Bradley, created a prank for his own funeral that has since gone viral.

The grandad of eight, wanted to leave something that would help shock, and lift the mood of all his friends and family attending his funeral.

After his coffin had been lowered into the ground, at a South Dublin graveyard, the tearful mourners in attendance were initially shocked by what happened next.

The bagpipe music that had been playing suddenly stops and a voice rings out from inside the grave, saying "Hello?", followed by the sounds of someone knocking on wood coming from the coffin.

The mourners look around shocked in disbelief as Shay's voice cries "Let me out!" However, everyone quickly came to realise it for what it was - a final prank being played by the Dublin man - as it became clear that the voice was coming from a concealed speaker.

Their initial shock turned to laughter as the message continued, "It's dark in here. I can hear you! Is that the priest I can hear? I'm in the box, can you hear that?"

He then proceeds to serenade the mourners with a song, before the video cuts off.


It's heartwarming to see such a beautiful and funny gesture toward his friends and family from such an evidently warm-hearted man.

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