How To Watch The Late Late Toy Show From Abroad

How To Watch The Late Late Toy Show From Abroad

I have it on good authority that some people do not live in Ireland. I have also heard reports of some people who may, at one time or another have lived in Ireland, but who now no longer do so. Who is to say that these people wouldn't want to get involved with easily one of the most joyously absurd television spectacles ever conceived? Who is to say they would not want to watch The Late Late Toy Show?

Thankfully there are literally no logistical hurdles standing in the way of them doing so. If you are abroad, you will not need to sneak onto some dank and murky corner of the Dark Web to order a fuzzy VHS recording of the show from an Albanian man who only deals in crypto-currency. No, instead you can simply watch it on the RTÉ Player. From anywhere in the world.

In fact it is so easy to watch that the original intent of this article, its very raison d'etre - to provide a helpful guide to anyone living abroad who wants to get their fix of festive joviality - has been made utterly redundant, and as such I may as well cease typing.


The Late Late Toy Show airs this Friday at 9.35pm Irish time.

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Rory McNab

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