Watch: Two Students Hilariously React To A Proposal To Ban House Parties

Watch: Two Students Hilariously React To A Proposal To Ban House Parties

Everyone should fight for their right to party...

Two students, called Chad and JT, from Los Angeles were disgusted to hear that their sacred house parties were in jeopardy. LA Council plan to ban house parties and the students claimed that the house party is a right of passage for young people and that 'chugging' a drink (the art of drinking as much as you can before projectile vomiting) is an important life lesson - you really couldn't make this up.

During Chad's speech, he was interrupted by a council member but was swiftly replaced by JT, another "bro". JT announced he grew up searching for love and learning how to fit in but once he discovered partying and "bros" his inhibitions fell aside. The impassioned student pleaded "America needs bonding". Watch the full hilarious video:

The video has gone viral on Twitter and people are calling the pair heroes during these testing times:


It's not the first time the pair have voiced their outrage. Chad and JT previously proposed to the council that a Paul Walker statue, the deceased actor from the Fast and Furious series, should be built to honour his memory.

It's unclear whether or not the council will go ahead with the ban on house parties in the Hollywood Hills are but the quote of 2017 has to be: "I'm an activist and a house party enthusiast".

Right on.

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