No More EuroSaver Menu... 5 Signs You're No Longer A Broke College Student.

As a college student, times can get tough, especially when your hectic college and social life leads to a serious lack of funds. Therefore, many of us spend our college lives trying to save - taking public transport, pre-drinking sneaky naggins, or desperately trying to use our student discount EVERYWHERE!!

So here are a few signs to show you've hit the big time, or at least moved past the broke college days.

1. You actually pre-drink in a pub or bar, where you pay full price for a drink. No more bringing cheap cans to a friend's house for you, big spender!

2. You start to roll your eyes at the idea of public transport. Instead of pegging it for the last bus so you don't have to pay for a taxi, you don't even consider it an option.

3. You don't think it's an outrage to pay ten euro for a cinema ticket.


4. Following from point 3, you don't buy your cinema snacks from a cheaper shop nearby.

5. The McDonald's Eurosaver menu is a thing of the past. Well, maybe not. No matter how far you make it in life, there's always room for a double cheeseburger.


Emily Keegan
Article written by
Emily is a self-confessed film freak who basically converses in movie quotes. After four short years of Media Production and Harcourt Street studies, Emily now divides her time between sunny Rathfarnham and the College Times offices, where she enjoys sharing her wisdom with you, the adoring public!

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