Met Éireann Predict Another Scorching Heat Wave Is On The Way

Met Éireann Predict Another Scorching Heat Wave Is On The Way

If you are in the business of selling shorts and bucket hats, then oh boy, do we have good news for you. Met Éireann are forecasting that climatic conditions around Ireland, from this weekend, will be positively balmy.

In fact, balmy is a paltry understatement for the kind of weather they're predicting. We're talking toasty, fiery, just downright spicy. The kind of heat that brings to mind images of a scorched expanse of arid land, devoid of life save for the trails of dust raised by the occasional tumbleweed and the non-NCT compliant rust buggies of Mad Max et al. The kind of heat where you could fry an egg on a near molten car bonnet, though, with the kind of heatwave Met Éireann are predicting, people will be roasting entire hams on the fiery metal of their car's fuselages as their final meal to accompany the remains of their rapidly depleting water supplies. The parched air will be filled with the sizzle of bacon as we watch the greenery of our once verdant isle ebb away to a dull reddish-brown under the agonising glare of the cruel mid-day sun.

All that is to say that Met Éireann are reporting that a heatwave could be on the way from this weekend. According to their website, temperatures will hit the low to mid twenties on Sunday and continue in very much the same vein through the early part of next week.

Next week is rumoured to be one of the hottest weeks of the year so far, with high temperatures expected all week.

They haven't ruled out a chance of a heatwave, which they describe as 5 straight days of sunshine and heat.


If you were already sick of the heat, I'm sorry, but it's time to lap on that sunscreen again!


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Grainne Sharkey

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