The 21 Stages Of Fancying Someone Who Has A Boyfriend/Girlfriend

We've all been there, you meet someone, you think 'Yes, I might possibly have found somebody that I maybe even could potentially like...' Then you found out they're already with someone. Well fuck.

You're just living your life, not a care in the world

When out of nowhere, you're introduced to a fine specimen

You click instantly. You're just on the same wave length. They even use the same movie quotes as you


You spend all night laughing and flirting, casually making physical contact

You leave their company light on your feet

You let your mind wander to the thought of potentially scoring this person


You decide to take a quick peruse around facebook and see if you can find them

And that's when you see it...

No, surely not... it can't be!


You decide it's grand, sure you'll just find someone else to fancy

You justify it reasonably

But then they are everywhere you go


Your attempts not to stare are futile

Your friends are like

But you're just there


Then you have a stalk and wonder what the hell they see in their gf/bf

Then you feel bad about that because they actually seemed really in love

You decide that's it, you're going to let them know how you feel


Your friends convince you not to

So you just resign yourself to the fact.

And go back to being single and happy



Kate Breslin

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