It's Important To Know When To Quit Your Job – No Matter How Good The Money Is

It's Important To Know When To Quit Your Job – No Matter How Good The Money Is

Sometimes in life we have to work at a job we don't want to. And that's totally understandable.

But when there are signs that are just too big to ignore sometimes it's best to just walk away – for your own good, and for the good of your mental health.

If you're feeling uneasy about a job you're currently working in, check out these points to see if the money is really worth it.

You dread going in

Hardly anyone absolutely loves going into work, day after day – and those who do, well, they're the lucky exception. But if you're nervous, if it's making you feel ill to the pit of your stomach and it's giving you intense anxiety, it's just not worth it.

You feel like you're walking on eggshells all the time

If you feel like you get bashed for every little thing you do, it's time to walk away. No-one – and I mean no-one – deserves to get psychologically abused like this, in or out of the workplace.


There's a serious clash of personalities between you and a boss that's too big to ignore

Minor disagreements are one thing – but you should know the signs when it's just not going to work, and act on them.

You're not being encouraged for your successes, but constantly being given out to for minor mistakes

How is anyone supposed to improve without knowing what is working? Being constantly scrutinised is not only bad for your mental well-being, but makes you feel you might not be good at your job. And if you're not getting praised for the positives, then it's just the worst of both worlds.

Amy Klimek, vice president of human resources at ZipRecruiter advises, 'Be direct and honest about your unhappiness, but stay away from criticism'.

Your boss is keeping tips from you

If you're working in the service industry and not getting an equal split of the tips – say something. It's in your rights to do so and if nothing changes, you can leave.

Anything else is pretty much just stealing.

And finally – your gut is telling you to leave

Perhaps the simplest reason of all. We know when something doesn't feel right, it's one of the factors that makes us human – don't beat yourself up and listen.

Ciara Finnegan

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