Why You Should Live At Home After College

College is a time of social freedom, exams and going out weekly. So, you might think after your three or four years in college that you are fed up of living at home - well hold that thought right there. Straight out of college you will most likely be doing an unpaid internship or working at a lower salary than most, so, you don't shoot yourself in the foot. Here are a few reasons Why You Should Live At Home After College.

1) Save money

This is a good time to get your savings in order. Save some money while you're at home.

2) Eat for free

There will be a fully stocked fridge at all times. Day or night it is there for you when you need it.


3) Cheaper/no rent

No matter how much you complain about having to pay rent at home it is probably a huge amount less. And, if you're lucky you don't have to pay anything at all.

4) Get your parents to help you learn how to budget

They have years of experience so let them help you budget your finances. You can do it.


5) Less chance of waking up to an apartment wrecked after an after party

No pressures to have gaffs or after parties and you will never wake up to the mess.

6) You can have space from your friends

Your friends won't be over all the time and you will have time to yourself.


7) No worrying about bills

You don't have to worry about the heating or electricity bills. Even if you're paying rent, you don't have to pay for the bills on top of that. The dream, really.

8) Don't have to cook all the time (if ever)

You will have someone cooking every night so sometimes you won't have to cook for yourself. Free food and free meals.


9) Someone to take care of you when you're sick

When you are sick someone will be there to take care of you every step of the way. No need for you to worry, help is on hand.

10) Less chance of waking up to a random person in your bed

Living at home means there is less chance you will bring someone back. Therefore, it is less likely you will wake up to a person you have never met lying next to you and no chance of running away.


11) Lots of TV channels

You will always have the best digital because your family need that kinda thing too. You can bask in over 400 channels of pure delight.

12) No need to buy kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances galore in your home household. George Foreman here, Phillips microwave there and you even have a high tech juicer. Look at you living in paradise.


13) Have less stress and more time to find a new job

You won't have to stress about paying your bills on time, instead, you can spend your well deserved spare hours finding that perfect job.

14)  Free Internet

Unlimited, fast paced internet. It's all you need really.


15) Lifts to pre drinks

You might get a potential lift to a pre drinks session now and then. So, no need to take your car and collect it when you are hanging in the morning.

16) Always someone there to have the chats with

Let's be honest you have to earn a flatmates love, parents love you anyway.


17) Family pet

You can play with Caeser as much as you want at home and you don't have to pay for his vet fees. Ideal relationship.

18) Garden

You can have a barbecue without buying a barbecue. Maybe even get some free meat thrown in?


19) Well stocked drinks cabinet

You didn't realize the off license had closed? Not to worry your parents drink cabinet should have all you need.

20) Your mums wardrobe/dad's suits/sister's makeup/brother's shirts

You can borrow what you want and deal with the consequences later. You are borrowing from your family so the fight, if any, should only last a few hours and then we will never speak of it again.


21) You don't have to clean up everything

Yes, clean your room but you won't have to do all the housework. If you were living alone - you would.

22) Don't have to pay for dry cleaning/do laundry

You may have to put on the wash the odd time but you most likely won't have to do it all. And, what do you know, sometimes it even reappears on your bed folded. The joys of being at home.


23) Use of parent's car

If your car is out of petrol, or you have a license and don't have your own vehicle, you can borrow your parents. It's like magic.

24) Someone to apply fake tan on your back (boys and girls)

You know what I'm talking about.

Lauren Rol
Article written by
Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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