Woman Crush Wednesday: 16 Of The Hottest Women Of 2015

Here at College Times, we love beautiful women. Who doesn't? Whether we're attracted to them or not doesn't come into the equation, especially when we're looking at these gorgeous girls. Here are some women that we're crushing on this summer:

1) Emma Watson.

Between starring in one of the most successful movie series of all time and being the Goodwill Ambassador for the UN, she is the ultimate role model. And she's pretty hot. Emma, we salute you.

2) Zooey Deschanel.

Who knew someone so goofy on TV could be so sexy in real life?

3) Cheryl Cole.

Oh Chezza, even the straightest of us couldn't resist you and your Geordie accent. Why-aye.

4) Cara Delevingne.

This beauty is available to either sexes so watch out fellas, we have our eyes on her too!

5) Victoria Justice.

She may have started out on the Disney Channel but with those looks, who knows where Victoria will end up!

6) Irina Shayk.

Sorry, Cristiano cheated on you with who?!

7) Kaley Cuoco.

Possibly the sole reason The Big Bang Theory is popular among men (and women).

8) Isla Fisher.

She may be married with kids and a tad older than the rest, but that doesn't mean she isn't worth crushing on. Way to go, Isla.

9) Michelle Keegan.

Mark Wright, you are one lucky man.

10) Scarlett Johansson.

Do we even need a designated day to crush on this woman?

11) Hayley Williams.

Because she's Hayley fucking Williams.

12) Rose Ellen Dix.

This girl is one half of THE hottest lesbian YouTube couple out there. If you haven't heard of her yet, shame on you.

13) Kristen Stewart.

Forget Team Edward or Team Jacob. We were Team Bella all the way!

14) Shenae Grimes.


Famous for her role in 90210, we want to see more of Shenae on our TV screens ASAP.

15) Charlotte Letitia Crosby.

We are loving this Geordie's transformation, not to mention her sparkling personality.

16) Jessica Stroup.

This girl also started her career in 90210 as Silver but since then she has come to life as Max Hardy in the TV series "The Following". And we're loving it!

Olivia Dawson
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Olivia is a Journalism and New Media student at the University of Limerick. As well as writing for College Times, she is also a contributor with and After college Olivia hopes to write feature articles and/or opinion pieces for a New York magazine, from a penthouse suite in Manhattan, earning a six-figure annual salary. She's also known for being slightly over-ambitious.

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