16 Sweets You Can't Eat Anymore Because You're An Adult

16 Sweets You Can't Eat Anymore Because You're An Adult

Sweets. We all love them. We all want them. All the time. Well, at least I do. But there is some confectionary that it is socially unacceptable to eat once you get past a certain age. Whether you like it or not society dictates that some sweets are for children and some are for adults. Don't look at me, I didn't make the rules.

With that in mind here are the 16 sweets you can't eat anymore because, unfortunately, you're an adult.

1) Curly Wurly

Imagining debating the finer points of the Repeal the Eight referendum while chawing on a curly wurly. Doesn't look right does it?

2) Jelly Tots


The clue is in the name. 'Tots' they're not called Jelly 'Mid-twenties'.

3) Milky Way Stars

They're so very nice. They're also not for grown-ups. Just look how small the bag is.

4) Billy Roll *Savoury Bonus Round*


I shouldn't have to explain this one.

5) Nerds

Any brightly coloured sweets are basically off limits once you hit 18.

6) Golf Balls


Good luck being taken seriously with one of these in your gob.

7) Haribo

I'd nearly deem it socially acceptable to gatecrash a random kids birthday party in order to finagle some Haribo.

8) Kinder Surprise


The clue is it has a toy in it.

9) Freddos

Otherwise known as a measure of inflation in the western world the humble Freddo is also clearly made for children. Also you have to eat 15 of them before you even feel a little bit full.

10) Milky Bars


If you can handle being called the milky bar kid for the rest of your life then go ahead, be my guest!

11) Animal Bars

What animal will you get on yours? Fuck it, another monkey.

12) Dip Dabs


A) Did you see Prime Time last night? RTÉ Investigates were investigating corrupt landlords?

B) (Dipping their lolly thoughtfully in the bag) Yes, such abhorrent rental practices...

Doesn't quite fit does it?

13) Candy Whistles

You'd be laughed out of the workplace if you started blowing on a candy whistle. And quite rightly too.


14) Candy Necklaces

You would not get away with eating a candy necklace as as a fully grown adult, but apart from novelty value you're not missing out on much anyway.

15) Milk Teeth

Milk teeth were a staple of the penny sweet section growing up. Always good for a laugh even after the 80th one.

16) Candy Sticks

These bad boys were the cigarettes of the sweet world. Of course now that you're an adult you can simply smoke real cigarettes. Candy sticks won't give you cancer though...

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Eoin Lyons

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