Your Life Will Be Forever Improved With This New Highlighter...

Beauty brand Glossier prides themselves on providing 'skincare as makeup' with all their products, and their new latest ones look just incredible. Wait until you see- it's genius, you'll look fresh glowing and polished with one application. Founder Emily Weiss has already Glossier Phase 1 and Phase 2, plus a range of face masks and a pink makeup pouch that customers can buy online.

The companies Phase 1 set was made to create the perfect canvas with just a cleanser, face tint, balm, and primer. Phase 2 followed, full of makeup essentials, such as matte lipstick, eyebrow gel and concealer. Phase 2 was such a massive success that it keeps growing. The hottest word on the lips of every beauty junkie right now is highlighter. So with that in mind, Glossier has just launched Haloscope, a dewy cream highlighter that comes in two different and equally beautiful shades.

Its dual-delivery formula has an outer circle or 'Halo'(gettit?) infused with pure crystal extracts for illumination that lasts all day, and then a solid middle made up of vitamin-enriched moisturizers for a stunning dewy finish. The product comes in two shades- Quartz and Topaz and are ideal for all skin tones. Quartz gives a pearly finish and a more vibrant highlight, and Topaz gives a beautiful sun-kissed glow with golden tones. These wonder products come in compact push-up sticks and are super easy to use, carry and blend. They really are just a dream I want both- now! You can get a Haloscope (or two) for yourself on for $22. Be ready for your new ultra healthy beach glow to get the compliments flooding in...


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