Your Twenties As Told By Father Ted

Your twenties is a period of trial and error; jealousy and bewilderment abound. Basically, it's the prime time for an existential crisis. Let Father Ted explain.

1. It's okay to put our fast approaching debt on the long finger. Because we will face it, but just not yet.

2. It's okay to be confused by tracker mortgages, interest rates and your boss's business lingo. 'What is cloud computing?' I don't think anyone knows.

3. When you were younger you thought it was all fast cars and big houses, but it's the simple things that put life in perspective.


4. Don't be ashamed of being happy at someone else's misfortune - we're all in this shark tank together. It's eat or be eaten.

5. And you will inevitably learn who people really are.

6. After a tough day at work, it's okay to let loose and go on the tear. Do it while you have no commitments.


7. It's also okay to be proud of your achievements. Look, you used to shit yourself at one point, anything after that is a milestone.

8. If you're not getting any action, don't worry. You have plenty of years left to get the leg over.

9. Now is the time to get any weird obsessions out of your system, as when you're in your thirties it will significantly reduce your chances in finding a spouse.


10. Lads, enjoy the female attention now as it will soon fade after you hit the big 30. Unless you're rich.

11. There is always a time for cake, no matter what type of 'cake' it is.

12. Just as there is always a time for a sit down and a cup of tea to solve all of life's problems.


13. Flirt with people who catch your eye.

14. But don't make it weird.

15. Seriously, don't.


16. It's okay if you feel yourself drifting from what you were brought up with.

17. And it's also fine if you take solace in what you know in times of hardship.

18. You don't have to go to that party if you don't want to.


19. And you don't always have to say what's on your mind either.

20. It's okay to freak out about the little things in life.

21. And it's absolutely fine to be upset with yourself over bad decisions.

22. But, the most important things you will learn in your twenties, are to never get caught...

23. ... And to never take life too seriously.

Orla O'Callaghan
Article written by
Orla O'Callaghan, BA in English & Spanish, current MA in Journalism. Compulsive liar. (Honestly)

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