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How To Juggle A Part-Time Job In College

How To Juggle A Part-Time Job In College

A lot of people work a part-time job in college to keep them going but finding the right balance can be tough.

There's a fine line between having enough money to get by and spreading yourself too thin. The appeal of having money can seriously affect your college work and you can find yourself lagging behind. There's a few questions you should ask yourself to find out if you're working too much and maybe need to consider if cutting a few hours would do you some good.

Here's a few tips on how to juggle a part-time job with college.

1. Work out college hours as well as study and assignment time

It's all fine and well working out your work hours around classes but you should also consider time for actually doing assignments. If you don't have enough time to finish essays then you need to cut back.

2. Talk to your manager

Explain to your manager about how many hours a week you can work in order to maintain good grades. If your manager is giving you too many hours ask them to cut back. If you're in a sticky situation where they aren't listening to your requests it may be a good idea to quit.


3. Try and work your hours around college

If your manager says you need to do 15 hours a week, try and break up your hours by doing a few early morning or evening weekday shifts. It'll put the pressure off getting all your hours in over the weekend and the extra cash is always great.

4. Always write down your shifts

It's so important to maintain a good relationship with your work as well as being punctual. By knowing your shifts you'll be able to get your college work done and you're life will be generally less stressful.

5. Plan your weeks in advance

Get your weekly rota and sit down and work out when you should do your college work, when you can attend hobbies or society commitments, when you can make time for friends and also when you're working. By having a plan your time will be managed more effectively and you'll be sailing through the week.

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