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The Do's And Don'ts Of Snapchat

Snapchat, the real time photo sharing app on which users are now sending 350 million images to one another every day, seems, on the surface to be pretty innocent. The hugely popular app, that allows users to send whatever stupid, or dirty pic they want, to whomever they want, and never have it come back to haunt them.

That's all well and good, but there's some things you have to remember before sending a snapchat...

Mass SnapChats Are For Losers!

Don't be that guy, sending a pic of yourself on the toilet is funny and all, it just doesn't have the same effect if it's sent to 20 other people. Personalise your snaps, people will like you more.

Everyone is looking at your Snapchat at the same time calling you an asshole.



Make The Derrp Face

Make as many stupid faces as possible, generally people react well to humour. Really when it boils down to it, it's this or a dick pic and generally you come across as a better human when you don't send a dick pic.

No Screenshots

Whether it tells you or not, people can screenshot your pics, so be confident what you send isn't gonna get you shot.



Don't Snapchat With People Who Don't Reply

The most irritating thing about having Snapchat, besides the person who sends pics to their entire phonebook (see above) is the person who keeps sending you Snapchats even though you've never sent one back. It's worse when you don't know the person... Leave me alone!

10 Seconds Is Too Long

A quick guide to timing on Snapchat

*1-3 seconds: Boring “this is what I’m doing” photos.


*4-6 seconds: Flirtatiously telling someone you’d like to get hopped up and make some bad decisions later.

*7-9 seconds: Something that’s genuinely funny, or that takes more than a few seconds to read.

*10 seconds: Dirt Pics


Dirty Pics Are OK

Anyone I've talked to has said that the naked Snapchat is fine, most are happy to have their snaps deleted straight away. The general rules for sending them seem to be: don't be too smutty, because what people really want is a classy dick pic.


My reaction when I get a naked selfie!

But... No Face

If purely to avoid identification, leave your face out of them dirty pics.



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