Aer Lingus Take The Phrase 'Pack Me In Your Suitcase' Literally

Aer Lingus Take The Phrase 'Pack Me In Your Suitcase' Literally

The Aer Lingus smuggling scandal recently uncovered in Madrid has grossed insane €18 million in the past few years.

The smuggling operation involved sneaking in desperate immigrants through Dublin airport, and was carried out by none other than Aer Lingus staff. The smugglers were caught rapid from the Special Detective Unit (SDU) and officers from the Garda National Immigration Bureau.

To make the story even juicier, apparently the entire sting operation has links to the Italian Mafia and Chinese Triads, according to The Independent. The two Aer Lingus attendants involved in the smuggling have been arrested since the operation was uncovered.

Each person tucked away by the smugglers have paid a hefty €10,000 and around 600 people have entered Ireland in this way over the last few years. According to The Independent, most of the people smuggled are Chinese nationals.

If that wasn't bad enough, Aer Lingus' rival Ryanair, decided to post this controversial tweet to stir the pot even further;


Next time you say you want to pack someone in your suitcase, maybe make sure it's not on an Aer Lingus flight...


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