A Beloved South Dublin Penneys Store Has Announced Its Closure

A Beloved South Dublin Penneys Store Has Announced Its Closure

Do not cry for summers that never were
Remember those we had instead.
Our time together was ours alone,
All else was never meant to be.

The act of commemoration is a difficult one. When confronted with times of grief it can often be difficult to know how best to express the emotions you're experiences. You will no doubt be awash with feelings, and it can be difficult to know exactly how best to describe what you're going through, let alone how best to adequately pay homage to that which you have lost. Grief can manifest itself in various forms and it is important that, in this time - with the heart-breaking announcement that Penneys Rathfarnham is closing down - you find the best means to express your grief.

I, as you can see, have penned the brief verse - seen above. I have even sent it - in various analogue and digital formats - to the PR team at Penneys with the suggestion that it might be a tastefeul tribute to have it read out through the speakers during the last hour of the shop's operation. Having received no official reply - save numerous cease and desist letters - I can only assume they are too wracked with sorrow at the profundity of the verse to get back to. I have therefore given some thought to the possibility of attending the store and reading this plaintive quatrain aloud, as it is having its furnishings torn out by a fleet of underpaid manual labourers - but this will very much be timetable permitting.

The store, located in Rathfarnham Shopping Centre, announced, has announced that  it will close in the new year.

Local Fianna Fáil TD, John Lahart, said of the announcement;


"27 years ago, Penneys opened this store in Rathfarnham Shopping Centre. They announced to staff last Friday that this store will close in February. All staff will be relocated if they wish to, either in the Liffey Valley, Nutgrove, or Dundrum Town Centre's Penneys.

My priority is to ensure that Penneys, which would have been a big attraction and big draw to this shopping centre, is replaced as quickly as possible. I've written to the management company, requested a meeting, to see what their plans are to attract a replacement tenant for this premises as soon as possible."

I hope that you do not find yourself unduly harrowed by this distressing news. But, you may console yourself with the thought that there are many other Penneys throughout Dublin where you may acquire multipacks of socks for a low, low price that is equally impressive and somewhat ominous.

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Rory McNab

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