Bill Clinton Clearly Didn't Get The Memo About Ophelia

Bill Clinton Clearly Didn't Get The Memo About Ophelia

With ex-Hurricane Ophelia causing all kinds of ruckus across the country, the nation has essentially been placed in a state of national emergency with people being advised to stay indoors.

Well, where there is one rule for the common people of Ireland, there is clearly another for ex-Presidents of the United States.

Bill Clinton was spotted wandering around O'Connell Street by one Twitter user who proceeded to steal a selfie with the ex-Democrat.


Mr. Clinton is in town to receive an honourary doctorate from DCU on October 17th "in recognition of his leadership in building and consolidating peace and reconciliation on the island of Ireland”. He has evidently come a few days early to savour his time in the country and he clearly could not have chosen a better time.

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Rory McNab

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