Boys Are Twice As Likely To Cheat In The Leaving Cert Than Girls

Boys Are Twice As Likely To Cheat In The Leaving Cert Than Girls

Leaving Cert stats reveal that boys are more than twice as likely to cheat, or get caught cheating, in the exam.

The State Examinations Commission released figures in 2017 revealed that of the majority of Leaving Cert results withheld, over two-thirds were male.

66 students in total had their results withheld, 49 of who were male.

The stats for 2016 didn't paint the boys in a great light either. The figures for 2016 show that of the 100 students who had Leaving Cert papers withheld, 65% were male.

The subjects that candidates were caught cheating on 2017 and 2016 exams include French, biology, history, geography, and business.

Consultant psychiatrist Dr Moosajee Bhamjee told the Irish Times that the stats weren't surprising given the pressures young boys face today: "A lot of it is due to societal pressures, and from an early age the need to be so competitive and a ‘win at all costs’ attitude is drummed into boys."


Arguably, gender, whether biologically or socially, does reflect cheating patterns according to Dr. Bhamjee:

Boys are bigger gamblers than girls and you see this later in life where there is a much greater number of male gambling addicts than female ones. I also think that girls deal better with the pressure when it comes to the Leaving Cert - and that is another reason why boys cheat more.

Socially, boys are more likely to be encouraged to take risks.

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Niamh Burke

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