Brian McFadden V Richard Chambers Is Exactly The Twitter Feud We Need

Brian McFadden V Richard Chambers Is Exactly The Twitter Feud We Need

Brian McFadden has got himself into various online scrapes, namely ISIS, but now, he's gone after a strange opponent - Virgin Media News correspondent Richard Chambers.

Chambers, alongside his counterpart Gavan Reilly, have been vital in disseminating information regarding COVID-19 in Ireland. The two lads do their jobs and they do them well.

However, they also have personalities to go alongside their informative occupations. This is something that drew the ire of former Westlife man Brian McFadden.

Richard Chambers put up a tweet which is based on a meme about being exasperated that someone blocked you. It's based on this absolute doozy.

Despite the fact that McFadden had Chambers blocked, he still found a way to respond to the tweet.


This is absolutely delicious.

You truly wonder what Chambers did that drew McFadden's anger out. Also, what has Richard Chambers not got a clue about that Brian McFadden knows? Does Chambers live in a tiny pond?

This is such a strange exchange, and you can't really call it a feud as the anger involved is completely one-sided.

Either way, it's the kind of content we've come to expect from McFadden online. Lots of swear words and pointed anger, but no real rationale as to why. Why does Brian McFadden feel threatened by Richard Chambers?

Maybe Brian McFadden is secretly working for RTE News...

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Sean Meehan

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