Dr. Luke's Lawyer Has Summoned Lady Gaga To Court And Here's Why

Dr. Luke's Lawyer Has Summoned Lady Gaga To Court And Here's Why

Ke$ha is finally back, releasing her own music after her contract with Dr. Luke meant that she would have to decide to work with her alleged abuser or not work at all. In 2016, Ke$ha dropped the sexual abuse claims she had made against her ex-producer but Dr. Luke has continued pursuing his defamation suit against her.

Lady Gaga has been summoned to testify in the defamation suit. Dr. Luke claims that she received messages from Ke$ha that discussed the sexual abuse she had accused him of. Dr. Luke's lawyer claims that Lady Gaga sent a four-page spreadsheet of text messages when Ke$ha's trial began and is looking for the singer to give a deposition in regards to the texts. He also believes that Ke$ha attempted to recruit Gaga into an anti-Luke smear campaign.


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Gaga supported publicly supported the Free Ke$ha movement on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram. A representative for Gaga said:

Dr. Luke’s team is attempting to manipulate the truth and draw press attention to their case by exaggerating Lady Gaga‘s role and falsely accusing her of dodging reasonable requests.



Ke$ha released her first single free from her contract with Dr. Luke on the 6th of July. The song, "Praying", has been widely considered to be a clap back to Dr. Luke and includes lyrics such as "I'm proud of who I am / No more monsters, I can breathe again,". Ke$ha's upcoming album, "Rainbow", will be released on the 11th of August.

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