Judge Voices 'Fears' For George Bar Drinkers After Bouncers Violently Kick Woman Out

Judge Voices 'Fears' For George Bar Drinkers After Bouncers Violently Kick Woman Out

A Judge has expressed strong concerns for those who drink in Dublin's George Bar after a female Navy officer was violently kicked out by bouncers.

Judge Anthony Halpin criticised the well-known gay bar for its treatment of a female patron while kicking her out of the premises. The Judge said the way in which security had restrained Lily Ann Donnachie (31), who had been accused of assaulting two staff members, was "wholly disproportionate."

“I have great fear for the patrons that visit this establishment,” he said.

In light of its mistreatment of Ms. Donnachie, the judge said he did not believe the bar was a “proper place to hold a public licence” and dismissed the charges against the defendant.

He also requested his concerns about the bar be noted to Gardai.

Ms. Donnachie, who hails from Co Cork, pleaded not guilty at Dublin District Court to assaulting doorman Daniel O’Callaghan and manager Sophie McDonald in 2016.

The court heard that Mr O'Callaghan asked Ms. Donnachie and another man to leave the bar on the night in question. The couple were allegedly refused entry for being drunk, but got in through another door and bought drinks.

Mr O’Callaghan also alleged that Ms. Donnachie became aggressive, punched his head, then dragged Ms. McDonald by her hair to the ground.

The defence solicitor argued that it was not clear whether Ms Donnachie and the man were the same two people who were initially refused entry and said that security used "a lot of force" knocking her to the ground.

The judge said his fears were alerted by the language used by both Mr O’Callaghan and Ms McDonald in relation to “kicking out” patrons.

This had a very nasty connotation that satisfies me of the mindset of people working in The George. (Security staff) clearly inflamed the situation to such an extent that I believe the accused felt she was under threat of serious personal injury.


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