A Dublin College Campus Is Getting New DublinBike Stations

A Dublin College Campus Is Getting New DublinBike Stations

A 15-station expansion of DublinBikes is set to happen in Grangegorman this summer and to be completed by the end of the year. The number of bicycle docking stations is to increase from 101 to 116, while 100 extra bikes are to be added to the service. 9 of the docking stations will be placed around the campus of Grangegorman.

There will be a number of new docking stations around the city including 4 stations located along the North Circular Road, 4 on Grangegorman Lower / Upper, and 2 on the Phibsborough Road, 4 stations will be added between Croke Park and Connelly Station and 2 stations will add to capacity on the southside near the Grand Canal.

According to Dublinbike,  4.3m journeys were taken in 2016 alone and more than 18 million journeys since its launch in September 2009.There have been complaints against the service because of its increased in subscription fee from €20 to €25. Dublinbike has stated that the cost of expansion meant the increase in the subscription fee.


Will the increase in docking stations around the city make you use the service? 



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