Ireland Will Experience All Types Of Weather Over The Next Four Days

Ireland Will Experience All Types Of Weather Over The Next Four Days

Don't get too comfortable with the sunny, unusually warm weather because the dreary, cold, rainy weather will be back by the weekend.

As soon as we start whipping out the suncream and drinking our iced Americanos,  Met Éireann go and announce that this weekend will bring cold, stormy weather that will wash away all our happiness.

If this isn't a huge sign of global warming then I don't know what else you're looking for. Already this year, we've seen rain, sleet, snow, heatwaves, and now storms are on the agenda. Never mind just us, but it's clear all over the world that the weather is clearly having a freak attack courtesy of global warming.

Met Éireann released their predictions for the weekend, showing heavy wind and rain heading in our direction by Saturday.

Friday's forecast shows a slight turn in the weather, from our highs this week of 17 C, to falling down to 4 C within a few days.



"It will be a cool start on Friday morning with fog and any remaining frost clearing. It will stay dry across the eastern half of the country through the morning, with bright spells at first, but rain will move in during the afternoon."

Saturday shows a drastic change, with storm-like weather sweeping across the country.

"Widespread heavy rain will give way in many areas to sunny spells and scattered squally showers. However the showers are likely to be prolonged and heavy in parts of the north and northwest with some hail and local thundery. Chilly in temperatures of 7 to 10 degrees. Strong to gale force winds will be very squally for a time in the northwest, but winds will moderate later. Frost overnight with patchy fog in lows of 1 to 4 degrees Celsius."

Just in time for the weekend.

Enjoy the warm weather while you can because after tomorrow you probably won't see much more until the Summer.

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