This Irish Lad's Desperate Attempt To Get Into Aussie Pub Is Hilarious

This Irish Lad's Desperate Attempt To Get Into Aussie Pub Is Hilarious

You gotta give it to the Irish - we're extra resourceful when it comes to getting ourselves out of a shite situation.

One Irish lad, Ruairi Brannigan was on holiday in Perth, Australia, decided he'd go to An Sibin Irish Pub for a pint, wearing what he thought was appropriate Aussie footwear (not to be confused with skimpy underwear): a pair of thongs. Devastatingly, the flip flops Ruairi was wearing were not part of the pub's dress code so instead of going dry, he did what any good Irishman would do... he bought a new pair of shoes. But they weren't any old pair of shoes.

The results were, well, you can see for yourself in a post to the pub's Facebook page.


Clearly, desperate times called for desperate measures and the shop next door only had white ballet flats on offer, so it was really the only logical option.

We can all learn a valuable lesson from Ruairi's honorable, nay, heroic acts, and that is to never give up on your dreams.

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Emma Greenbury
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Emma is an editor and writer from Brisbane, Australia and has been living in Dublin since September 2016 after she decided warm weather and beaches were overrated. She now wears three pairs of trousers every day and loves it.

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