Ireland Might Be Getting A Brand New Bank Holiday Thanks To The EU

Ireland Might Be Getting A Brand New Bank Holiday Thanks To The EU

The EU are tabling the idea of adding an extra bank holiday to our calendars to celebrate EU day. EU day falls on the 9th of May, and as of yet it hasn't been a national holiday but there's a chance that might all change sometime soon. This will give all employees from EU institutions a day off, which not one soul will be complaining about.

The joys of being part of the EU. This is just another reason to why the UK are making a big mistake leaving us. The EU just keeps on giving!

This day will fall just after one of our own bank holidays, which will give us two in a row during one of the best months of the year. Two long weekends right after each other, absolute bliss.

The idea hasn't been passed by EU officials just yet, but as soon as it is I will be booking my flights for a lovely city break.

The EU are hoping that this day will be used to build a stronger EU identity. Of course no one is going to argue that when we're being given an extra day off a year.

Euractiv reported that the idea was discussed in Brussels on Monday, with a clear support from many officials.

Maite Pagazaurtundua, a Spanish liberal MEP said that it will 'most probably be passed'.


Ivan Jakovčić, a Croatian liberal MEP said:

"It seems there is clear support from several parliamentary groups such as the Greens, the Socialists and ALDE. Having 9 May as a public holiday is not for the sake of holidays but so that we can show our unity and fight for our values,"

May is only around the corner, so lets hope the get it passed quickly!


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