A Petition To Offer Ireland A Chance To Join The UK Already Has 2,500 Signatures

A Petition To Offer Ireland A Chance To Join The UK Already Has 2,500 Signatures

The Brits are at it again.

Ireland has been graciously given the opportunity to be offered the chance to join the UK in their bid to leave the EU, and once again become one with the United Kingdom.

A man named Scott Packer created this petition during the week and has been spread across all social media channels. Although it hasn't been very well received, or even taken seriously, it already has over 2,500 signatures and it's slowly etching its way up to 3,000.

It is based off the fact that the Irish border is causing too many issues for the UK as they pave their way out of the EU, so instead of making a fair agreement, this guy Scott, wants us to reconsider our position and get rid of the border between the two countries all together.

Even though this sounds absolutely ludicrous, it seems some people actually want to see regression in our small little island and have us go back 120 years ago and become slaves to the UK once more.

The scary thing is, if the petition get 10,000 signatures (only 7,500 more) the British government will respond to the petition, and if it somehow reaches 100,000 signatures the topic will be debated in Parliament. Who knows what chances the English will take?


The description of the petition sounds slightly biased, without any recognition as to why we got out of English rule in the first place, as if it was just a Goodbye for now sort of deal.

"The RoI left our Union in 1922 after 121 years of being part of the family. We should now ask them to reconsider their position within both the UK & EU as a way of solving the current impasse over the Irish border issue that is holding up the Withdrawal Agreement. Britain & Ireland stronger together."

The deadline for the petition is the 9th of July.

I will not be leaving a link to follow.

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Grainne Sharkey

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