C'mere! We've Only Just Gone And Ranked The 3rd Sexiest Accent In The World

C'mere! We've Only Just Gone And Ranked The 3rd Sexiest Accent In The World

Who'd have thunk it, eh? We've finally been recognised for something other than drunken leprechauns and have topped the list of the sexiest accents in the world.

Not only did we place in the top ten accents worldwide, but we've even ranked in the top three! Shockin'.

Yes, we have Colin Farrell, Liam Neeson, Cillian Murphy and more to back us up on this particular ranking, but would have thought that the deep Kerry accent, to the north inner city, would be hailed sexy by Big Seven Travel.

I must say thank you on behalf of all the Irish, this new medal is something we'll wear proudly. We will no longer feel embarrassed when our accent takes over, or try tone it down after a few drinks too many. No longer will we be afraid to say 'Top of the mornin' to ya" to a fascinated tourist, because deep down, we know, we're sexy.

The most shocking thing of it all is we ranked ahead of Italian, French, Scottish and Brazilian out of 60 countries around the world. Huh?

Coming just ahead of us was South African in second place and New Zealand in first, which I'm pretty happy to come after. That's tough competition!

If you're curious to find out how other accents ranked, here you go: The full comprehensive, thoroughly studied 'sexy accent' list.


Voila! - Or should I say, Dere ya go luv!

50th. Croatian

49th. Romanian

48th. Thai

 47th. Pakistani

46th. German


45th. Welsh

44th. New York

43rd. Chinese

42nd. Japanese

41st. Geordie

 40th. Latvian

39th. Malaysian

38th. Austrian

37th. Norwegian

36th. Egyptian

35th. Swiss

34th. Russian

 33rd. Greek

32nd. Scouse

31st. Dutch

29th. Nigerian

28th. Boston

27th. Polish


26th. Indian

 25th. Vietnamese

24th. Mexican

23rd. Turkish

22nd. Arabic

21st. Filipino


20th. Zimbabwean

19th. Argentine

18th. Mancunian

17th. Jamaican

16th. Danish

15th. Ukrainian


14th. Hungarian

13th. Canadian

12th. Queen’s English

 11th. Czech

10th. Brazilian Portuguese

9th. U.S Southern


8th. Spanish

7th. French

6th. Scottish

5th. Australian

 4th. Italian

3rd. Irish

2nd. South African

1st. Kiwi

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