Teen Arrested After Burglary Of A Dublin University SU

Teen Arrested After Burglary Of A Dublin University SU

Remember when Ocean's Eleven seemed like the height of criminality, the pinnacle of what an immaculately conceived heist could be. Well, we now have a new paradigm for what constitutes the perfect crime, for in Ocean's Eleven they may have robbed a casino, but did they rob a Student Union's offices.

  1. A man has been arrested in connection to a burglary that took place in DCU's Student Union's offices.

Gardaí arrested the man after the offices were broken into and a drone worth upwards of €1,500 was stolen along with some other equipment.


The offices are new and had only recently been moved into by the SU. It's understood they're looking at ways to tighten security and prevent anymore of their precious flying machines from being pilfered again.

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Rory McNab

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