UCD Abortion Referendum Threatens SU's Pro-Choice Stance

UCD Abortion Referendum Threatens SU's Pro-Choice Stance

UCD is holding its second referendum on abortion in three years to decide whether the student's union should adopt a neutral stance on the abortion issue in Ireland.

Students of UCD will decide on the matter through an internal referendum held across today and tomorrow. The UCD students union has held a pro-choice stance since 2014 after a previous referendum voted in favour of the position.

This second referendum is a result of a campaign mounted by a group called 'UCD for Fair Representation', a recently formed group who held a petition demanding that UCD adopt a neutral stance in regards to the abortion debate in Ireland.The group argue that many students feel that abortion is such a decisive issue that the SU should represent all students and remain neutral.

Opponents argue that a neutral position from the SU would mean that it would become silent in the abortion debate. It is important to remember that Ireland's current abortion laws have been condemned by the United Nations as a violation of the international standard of human rights, and some argue that remaining silent on this topic would the tantamount to condoning this.




Voting will be available to students in AG & Vet on November 2 and 3, from 8am til 4pm outside in the Vet Building.

Available to students in Business Studies on November 2 and 3,  from 9am til 5pm in the common room of the Smurfit School.

Available to students in Engineering & Architecture students on November 2 and 3, from 8.45am til 1.15 pm in the Richview main foyer and from 1.30 til 4.30pm by the Newstead main doors.

Available to students in Law and B&L on November 2 from 9.30am til 4.45  in the Sutherland School.

Available to students in Health Science (including Nursing) on November 3 from  9.30am til 5.15pm in the Health Sciences building.

Available to students in Science on November 3 from 9.45am til 5.15pm  in the science building.

Kyle Mulholland

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