21 Reasons Why You Need To See The Canadian Rockies Before You Die

21 Reasons Why You Need To See The Canadian Rockies Before You Die

Canada are ya well? Cos you're lookin well!

Are the Canadian Rockies scenic? Does a bear shit in the woods?

The Canadian Rockies are SO off the charts, stop you dead in your tracks beautiful, that you'll be forgiven for thinking you have wandered into some kind of magical universe - a land that is peppered with everything from canyons and glaciers to waterfalls and wildlife.

But if majestic mountain and tranquil lakes don't do it for you, then move along. Nothing to see here.

1. You'll have front row seats to views that will demand your attention


2. The Northern Lights in Banff, AB are alright

3. You can rent bikes and whiz around the Rockies


Banff National Park has some pretty cool trails.

Cruise past bow river along the Sundance trail (3.9 km one way), wind along Vermilion Lakes Drive (4.3 km one way) or if you're looking for spending more time on the open road, do the Banff Legacy Trail (29km one way)

4. Or go old school and take a horse


5. Enjoy a spot of canoeing

6. Or if paddleboarding is more your bag, well you can do that too


7. You'll want to take a snap of all the animals


8. Except for the bears... don't stop and take a picture of the bears

Cos you know..they're bears

9. Have a go at white water rafting


10. Or relax and soak in the natural hot springs

And sweat 'til your heart's content!


11. Experience the ultimate road-trip

12. Like the Icefields parkway

Often billed as one of the best drives in the world, this 232km stretch of road will let you witness the sights in all their natural glory.


Linking Lake Louise with Jasper, there are endless scenic spots along this route including Crowfoot Glacier and Peyto Lake.

13. Or if you like a good hike, there are endless trails to choose from

Experienced hikers should check out this one at Tonquin Valley, Jasper. Your hard work will be rewarded with some amazing views.


 14. Did we mention they have nice lakes?

Like lake Minnewanka below.


 15. You can channel your inner Bear Grylls and camp out

Just don't forget the bears people!

 16. The Canadians are a happy bunch


17. You'll love the waterfalls

 18. The Canadian Rockies are also home to some pretty cool music festivals


 19. You can try some Rattlesnake fondue at this spot

20. While the summer and winter seasons are popular, the views still hold their own in autumn

21. And if the delicious scenery gets a bit much, than you can just chill with a cold pint

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Niamh Burke

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