If You're Looking To Take A Memorable Trip With Your Mates This Year, Here's The Suss

If You're Looking To Take A Memorable Trip With Your Mates This Year, Here's The Suss

Ahh, it's started. Super organised people are already planning what they're doing for their holidays this year. If you're like myself, you won't have a clue what your travel plans are. Where are the best places to visit with friends, or other half even?

Okay, there's a feckin' loads of them. A whole world full of them in fact. So we came up with five. And they might not be the best out of EVERYWHERE you can visit but they're definitely memorable.

You won't go far wrong with one of these ideas.

Rent a pub

Yes, you heard us right. You and your nearest and dearest can rent an entire pub in Tipperary on Airbnb. Old Conroy's bar is a self-catering pub - it has snug, a darts board, a cash register and a beer garden. One snag though, it doesn't stock booze but you can BYO.

Bathe in a Prague beer spa

Listen if you can't bathe in a bath full of booze and drink unlimited beer from a tap with your mates, when can you?! Not only does the Czech capital have beer spas to lure you, it's a class city with a buzzing nightlife.


If you're a serious clubber, you might wanna check out Karlovy Lazne Centrals Europe's biggest nightclub. Five floors with different genres of music? Open til 6am? Grand!

Road trip along the Wild Atlantic

Summer plans: designate a driver and get the tunes playing as you explore the Best of the Wesht! An epic experience, travel bible Lonely Planet ranked the Wild Atlantic Way as one of the world's ultimate road trips in 2017.

You'd need a lot of time to cover the entire 2,500km distance from Kinsale to Derry but work out your itinerary depending on how much time you have to spare. The scenery is stop you dead in your tracks gorgeous.


Buzz around Europe on a train

Spend the summer rolling around the continent on a inter-railing pas. Stations, hostels, and sleep deprivation are par of the course but that's the price you pay for having the ultimate travel adventure. Europe is like a playground for adults and have your pick of the best spots.

The global pass has a discount available for those aged 27 and under. Prices vary depending on the flexibility of the travel period - for €394 you can travel within 22 days and toss your backpack in the likes of Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague or Krakow. You'll spend the remainder of your days starting stories with: Remember that time in Budapest...

Party your life away in Vegas


If you and your mates are hardcore partiers, this will be a trip like no other.

When it comes to nightlife, the city is on a whole other level. You might need to sell a vital organ to fund it, but hey, nothing ventured an all!

Go nuts at the Full Moon Party in Thailand

Every month, around 30,000 people flock to Thailand's party mecca, Ko Pha-ngan for the full moon party. From fire pits and booze buckets to the tropical beach and trance-y vibes, it's a massive outdoor rave coloured with neon and body paint.

Surreal, unique, crazy and fun, it's one of the most memorable experiences you'll share with friends.

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