15 Signs That She Has Girlfriend Potential

Ever wondered if that girl you're seeing has that "girlfriend potential?" All guys give this matter tremendous thought. They are simple creatures with simple ways, or so women think. But if there is one thing that a man REALLY thinks long and hard about, it is whether or not he wants to seal the deal and make that girl he's dating his girlfriend.

Here are the 15 key signs that she is girlfriend potential.

15. She buys great gifts.

If she knows what you like and buys you excellent presents without consulting your friends, than she's a keeper!

14. She can handle her drink.

Nobody wants that messy, sloppy girlfriend. You know, the one that falls in her high heels and has no filter on what she says when she's drunk. Lock it up ladies!


13. She gets along well with your family.

She hangs out with your sister and your mum, and they all get along. Like one big happy family. This is a good indicator that she has girlfriend potential.

12. She has plenty of friends.

She doesn't bring up future plans like talking about marriage or babies!


11. She hangs out with her friends often.

She has a lot of girl friends. This translates to her not wanting or needing to text you every minute as she has other people to hang out with and keep her occupied. A win-win situation for both of you.

10. She has her own opinions.

You can hold a meaningful conversation or debate with her and she doesn't regurgitate other people's opinions. In other words, she interests you with more than her body. Wait for it ... her MIND! Woah!


9. She has hobbies and goals.

She is passionate about her hobbies and/or career. She has goals for herself and not just for you.

8. She encourages you to hang out with your friends.

If she ever utters the words: "Go have a drink with the lads." Don't ever let her go, put a goddamn ring on that finger guys!


7. She can cook a good Sunday roast.

The key to every man's heart is through his tummy, and then his penis...

6. She can keep a secret!

Everyone needs that time to vent about one of their friends or confide in someone that you trust. If she has the ability to be this person and can keep a secret, she has got SERIOUS girlfriend potential! Guys drastically underestimate a woman's need to gossip.


5. She doesn't go psycho over small arguments.

She doesn't begin throwing knives around the house because you forgot to do the dishes. Although if you've been on this Earth for any amount of time, you should really know that you don't want to be with this type of woman!

4. Your friends also really like her.

If your guy friends like her, she has already taken the first step to becoming the perfect girlfriend. Lads love to talk shit and diss their friend's girlfriend, whether jokingly or not, but if they limit it with a certain girl, then you know she is in their good books. Ladies, trust us. The man is a simple being. If he says, "she's alright", take it as a HUGE compliment.


3. She gives you your space.

She knows that you need your "personal time" and she doesn't harass you to spend time with her EVERY day.

2. She buys the occasional round of drinks.

Any woman that buys a round of drinks herself is a definite keeper. Men won't say anything, but they'll all give each other that look of universal admiration and approval.

1. She can be as fun as "one of the lads."

If you can have as much fun, if not MORE, with her as you can with your best friends, seal that deal guys!

Ian Smith
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Ian is a contributing writer for CollegeTimes. He is currently partying his ass off for the Summer having spent the past 7 years at various colleges across the globe. While by no means an athlete, he considers himself a world class darts player... If you tweet him he will not respond.
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