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CAO Round 2: Here Are The Main Courses That Have Dropped Points

CAO Round 2: Here Are The Main Courses That Have Dropped Points

Last week the CAO sent out 73,652 first round offers to some 50,746 Leaving Cert applicants. This constitutes a significant majority of the 77,425 students who applied to the CAO this year, however, while many of these would've been able to select their preferred course, there are many more who are hoping that Round 2 offers will see a fall in the points needed to enter their dream course.

This morning, the CAO sent Round 2 offers to some 2,337 applicants , a significant decrease on the number issued last year. 1,613 of these were Level 8 offers, with the remaining 724 being Level 7/6 offers.

Of those who received Level 8 offers, 743 were given their first preference., with 486 of the Level 7/6 applicants receiving their first preferences. received Round 2 offers today.

However, some of the most notable drops among the larger courses nationally were Arts in UCD failing by 11 points from 381 to 370; Law in DBS failing from 244 to 203 points and Computing - in the same institution - falling from 243 to 209.

Indeed DBS was one of the college's which marked the greatest lowering of points across the board. Over half of its listed Level 8 courses recorded a drop in the required entry points.


History in Trinity College fell by 13 points to 462, while Law in Griffith College Dublin fell to 218 points from 253. Tourism Management in CIT fell to 225 from 260 while Midwifery in DkIT dropped from 421 to 402.

Outdoor Education in GMIT fell by one of the largest margins, from 219 to 176, with Agricultural Engineering in the same institution dropping by 25 points to 305.

The Irish Times has compiled a handy guide detailing every course that has lowered their point-threshold for entry for the Round 2 offers, breaking it down college by college. A pdf of which can be downloaded here.

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