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Leaving Cert: A Staggering 63.7% Of Students Received H1s In One Particular Subject

Leaving Cert: A Staggering 63.7% Of Students Received H1s In One Particular Subject

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I have but one wish from the outset of this article; but one small wish that I humbly ask of the world. I sincerely hope that one of the millions (after consultation with our legal department on the issue of false advertisement, I have had to revise this figure downward) hundreds of thousands (and again) thousands (and again) ... people who may end up reading this article, that at least one of them genuinely staggers whilst having this page loaded to justify the headline's superlative. Ideally what prompts the stagger would be the content of this headline and article, but beggars can very much not be choosers, so I would settle on someone staggering for any reason, perhaps because they've stubbed their toe against a kerb, etc.

The reason for this hyperbole is, as stated, that 63.7% of the 350 students who studied Russian were awarded H1s - the highest mark possible. This is, by a significant margin, the highest percentage of students to receive top marks in any higher or ordinary level subject. It is a breath-takingly insane margin.

However, 2018's results are actually lower than 2017's whereby 71.6% of the students who took the exam received a H1. If ever you come across anyone who complains about the unfair restrictions inherent to 'bell-curve' marking schemes, I would like you to drag their noses against this article, let them see these figures and demand of them, "Bell-curve!? What bell-curve!?"

Now, I'm not here to cast aspersions regarding the integrity of the State Examination Commission, nor am I looking to detract from the fantastic achievement and undoubted hardwork of those students who received this grade - but to briefly don my tinfoil hat, this reeks of Russian interference.


It's no secret that Russia has been meddling in the elections of various foreign countries over the last number of years in a bid to make global political conditions more favourable for themselves. It is however, as yet, difficult to see exactly how inflating the results of a group of students taking an Irish state exam fits in with these ambitions, but that is not to say that it is beyond the realms of possibility.

Flaccid frivolity aside, it is a fantastic achievement to have such a high percentage of H1s in one subject.

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