Liveline Had A Heated Discussion On Private School 'Begrudgery'

Liveline Had A Heated Discussion On Private School 'Begrudgery'

This year's Leaving Cert was always going to cause consternation, regardless of what had occurred.

The inability to hold exams meant that a formula had to be concocted to give students the grades that they were supposed to deserve. Now that results have been issued and CAO offers sent, Liveline held a discussion on the 'unfairness' of the Department of Education's process of calculated grades.

Only, it was the privileged few stakeholders in private institutions that were calling foul play on this year's Leaving Cert class.

The removal of school profiling from the formula of calculated grades meant that schools had a level playing field when it came to their student grades. Most years, private schools dominate the top of the charts when it comes to top point earners. However, this year's parity has got a few people's noses out of joint.


There is a rampant educational inequality in our country. This year's Leaving Cert class is the first one to have parity with one another. Thankfully, background and school reputation wasn't brought into the equation when delivering results to students.

People took to Liveline today to complain about their entitlement being stripped away. These are the people that want to uphold the status quo because it means that they'll always have the upper-hand.

Education should be a level playing field. The quality of education children receive should not be due to their bank balances of their parents or the area they live in. Unfairness isn't the lost opportunity to ram home your wealth advantage and achieve results because of it. Unfairness is never being able to reach your true academic potential due to where you're from or what school you can afford to go to.

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Sean Meehan

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