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Nandos Are Giving Away Free Food To Anyone Getting Their Leaving Cert Results

Nandos Are Giving Away Free Food To Anyone Getting Their Leaving Cert Results

With tomorrow being the day that thousands of students will unsheath their Leaving Cert results, we are now safely able to reveal to you - the Leaving Cert class of 2018 - the real reason why you were required to do the Leaving Cert. Why you were driven to study for such ungodly prolonged periods of time. Why it was expected of you to put your studies above your own mental and physical well-being. Why you, and every generation prior, were asked to go through this. Why we have all suffered in this way after much painful recriminations and protestations about being forced to study.

"Do it for your future!" They said, and we ignored them.
"Do it because you have to!" They demanded, and we defied them.
"Do it because you'll be able to go to the college of your dreams." They reasoned, and we doubted them, because we doubted ourselves.
"Do it because we are asking you and we love you, and if you love us, you will study, please." They begged, and, again, we ignored them.
"Do it because you will be eligible for a free meal at Nandos when you are receiving your results." And we thanked them, thanked them for finally giving us a valid reason for having put ourselves through such turmoil - though, again, it would've been better to have been told all this in advance.

Tomorrow, on Leaving Cert results day, 15th August, every Nandos in Ireland will be offering a free 1/4 chicken or fire-starter, to all those students receiving their results. To avail of this offer all you'll need to do is bring your results, along with some ID, and show it to a member of staff. I doubt whether they will actually look too closely at your grades, so fear not.

The full T&Cs can be found here. Go forth, go forth and eat as much free food as this limited promotional offer allows you to.


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Rory McNab

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