If You're Missing Normal College Life, You NEED To Listen To VodafoneXCast

If You're Missing Normal College Life, You NEED To Listen To VodafoneXCast

Right now, thanks to the pandemic, college life isn't what it should be.

College should be about meeting new people, discovering new interests and being amongst like-minded people. Usually, the best way to do that is on Clubs and Socs Day, when the campus bursts into life.

From uncovering interesting people to seeing how many sweets you can get off various stands, it's a great way to explore all that college life has to offer.

As on-campus activities are put on hold, Vodafone X are here to connect you to the things that make college fun through their VodafoneXCast podcast.

Every two weeks, host Greg O'Shea (y'know, your man from Love Island? The rugby player from Limerick? The dreamboat? Yeah, him) will interview members of various clubs and socs from around Ireland.

Each episode will delve into a topic or hobby of interest and give listeners first hand insights. Each podcast episode aims to enlighten college students by bridging the gap between their remote studies and the on-campus experiences that they are missing out on.


Also, there are discussions around how clubs and socs are adapting to the new college environment, with normal in-person experiences unavailable at the moment.

VodafoneXCast shows you what clubs and societies do, how to join them and insider information that you can only get from society members.

The first two episodes of VodafoneXCast are all about performing arts and filmmaking, so sharpen your ears, creative types.

In the performing arts episode, Greg chats to Bianca Bañares of the UCD Dance Society, Amy O'Reilly of the NUIG Musical Society (also known as 'GUMS', though their shows are much better than pulling teeth) and Senan Shortall of the UCC Choral Society.

So, if you fancy learning how to sing the perfect sea-shanty, this is the episode for you.



Maybe film is more your cup of tea.

Well, in the filmmaking episode, Greg chops it up with Jordan Fitzpatrick from the TUD Tallaght Film Society, Ariana Owens from Trinity College Film Society and Stephen Downey from UL Film Society.

By the end of episode two, you could be well on your way to winning one of these bad boys.



In each episode, you can find out exclusive insider information on these societies, what being involved actually means and, most importantly, you get an insight into how much craic you'll have as a member.

Click here to follow the podcast on Spotify so you never miss an episode.

Vodafone X can offer you unlimited data, unlimited texts and unlimited weekend calls for just €20 per month.

Vodafone X also offers an online portal where you can access skillshare courses in multiple different genres and spaces.

With Vodafone X, you are free to explore different areas of interest, discover new ones and fuel your future - it's in your hands.


Sean Meehan

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