Take The VodafoneXCast Personality Test For The Chance To Win €500!

Take The VodafoneXCast Personality Test For The Chance To Win €500!

Have you ever wondered what hobbies are meant for you?

Often times, you might think you know what your future is meant to hold, yet if you're not inquisitive, you could be missing out on a world designed for you.

That's why, with thanks to Vodafone X, we've created a personality test which aims to help guide you towards a new hobby or interest that you should get involved in, all based on the VodafoneXCast podcast, hosted by Greg O'Shea!

And, to make matters even sweeter, you have the chance to win €500 to pursue your newly-founded career path. From recording studio time to filmmaking courses to acting lessons, we want to help spark your next obsession because you never know where a little leap in a different direction will take you!

Take the test below and find out where your future should lay and make sure to check out the corresponding podcast to find out how you can start your journey!


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Vodafone X can offer you unlimited data, unlimited texts and unlimited weekend calls for just €20 per month.

Vodafone X also offers an online portal where you can access Skill Share courses in multiple different genres and spaces.

With Vodafone X, you are free to explore different areas of interest, discover new ones and fuel your future - it's in your hands.

Sean Meehan

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