Here Are Some Key Dates For The CAO Application

Here Are Some Key Dates For The CAO Application

If you are currently doing the big LC or know of someone else doing it, you might want to write down these key dates for the CAO.


20th 5.15pm: Closing date for CAO early-bird on-line applications. A fee of €25 applies before this date and increases then to €40, until February 1st.

Registration date for HPAT-Ireland 2017 has a fee of  €130 and late registrations are €200 until February 1st, 5.15pm.

An exceptional late registration fee €235 applies until February 3rd, 5.15pm.


1st 5.15pm: Closing date for normal CAO.


5th: Online change of course available until March 1st with €10 fee.


1st 5.15pm: Closing date for HEAR and DARE schemes.

27th March - 7th April: Leaving Cert oral tests in Irish, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Japanese will take place.


Late April:


Results are released for UL and mature applicants who sat the HPAT to do Medicine, on February 25th.


1st 5.15pm: Closing date for late CAO. €50 fee for online applications up to this date.

5th: CAO change of mind facility opens.


7th: LC written exams begin and go on until the 23rd.


26th: Applicants under 23 receive HPAT results.


1st 5.15pm: Final closing date for changes to CAO.

1st week July: Offers for mature and deferred places from 2016.

22nd: Cut off date for 3rd level students re-applying for CAO.



Early August: Round zero offers for mature students.

Monday 21st: Round one offers from 6am.

Tuesday 22nd: Students unhappy with their exam results must return the application forms, in their Leaving Cert results envelope, to their school by this date in order to view their scripts.

Monday 28th: Closing date for round 1 CAO offers.

Wednesday 30th: Round two offers.



Friday-Saturday September 1st-2nd: Students can view scripts at their school.

Wednesday, September 6th (5.15 pm): Closing date for accepting round two offers.

Mid October:

Leaving cert appeal released by the SEC.


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