The 9 Creepiest Christmas Toys We Never Thought To Question

The 9 Creepiest Christmas Toys We Never Thought To Question

As kids, we had a myriad of toys that would occupy us for weeks at a time. Whether it was dolls, jigsaws or toy kitchens, to us they were endless fun. However, there are some toys that on reflection, were creepy as hell.

How our parents thought it was socially acceptable to own such items is beyond me. From furry monsters that talked during the night, peeing babies or an on demand pregnant dog – it was all very questionable.

We've rounded up the weirdest toys of all that give us shivers looking back on them.

1. Furbys

These bird-monster hybrids with monstrously big eyes still scare me. They had a tendency to talk in the middle of the night, blinked all the time and liked to be tickled – Illuminati for sure.


2. Baby wee wee

This was a baby doll that actually pissed. Why on earth would anyone think this was a good idea, the point of dolls is that you have no responsibility? Plus it's such a weird concept.

3. Gooey Louie

This game involved pulling snot out of a man's nose until his brain exploded – sorry, what?


4. Puppy Surprise

This one is for all the girls out there, it was a dog teddy who's stomach you could open in order for her to give birth to puppies. It made us think we were God.


5. Tamagotchi's

To parents it seemed like an innocent electronic toy, but it was so much more. Not only did the little creature shit itself and die, it thought us that everyone leaves in the end.

6. Sea Monkeys

What were these disgusting creatures? You either over fed them and they died or you under fed them and they died. Or else, you just didn't feed them at all after you went on holidays and big shock – they died.


7. Barbie styling head

It was the life-sized head of a Barbie doll that you styled yourself. Unless you were like me, who ended up cutting off all of her hair until she looked like Britney circa 2007.


8. Doodle bear


This seemed pretty harmless. It was a teddy bear that you could doodle on and pop in the washing machine and the pen would disappear. Except for when your older brother got their hands on it and would write, 'You suck' – it still hurts.


9. And...Betty Spaghetti

They were unrealistically lanky, bendy dolls that made us believe if we went to gymnastics enough we could be that stretchy too. THEY LIED TO US.

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