11 Kinds Of Stationery You Had As A 90s Irish Kid

11 Kinds Of Stationery You Had As A 90s Irish Kid

There's truly only one thing Irish children loved buying before returning to school in September - stationery. A 90s kids' stationery is probably the most colourful group of objects that have ever co-existed.

Although we more often than not hoarded said stationery we took pride in our bits and bobs.Here are just some of the bits of stationary you loved as a kid:

Gel Pens

'Cause every word had to be colour co-ordinated. You knew you were bad when you changed every letter to a different colour.

Jumbo Crayons


The front of everyone's 'copy book'/ 'exercise book' was coloured by one of these giant crayons.

Pencil Toppers

Every pencil or pen was deserving of a costume.


Stamp Pens

The best days were leaving school covered in these groovy tats.

Novelty Pencil cases


"OMG! A pencil case shaped like a can!"

Diaries with a Lock

Nobody could find out who your best friend was with this crafty lock.


Bendy Rulers

Might be handy for the contouring ladies...

Stackable Crayons/ Pencils

You'll never know sadness until your tpencil led broke mid-sentence.


Tipp- Ex

Boredom and tipp-ex equals a receipt for disaster.


A Mathematics Set

Don't get us started on the compass - the most dangerous instrument in the classroom.

A giant sized eraser

Just in case your 8-year-old self needed to rub out their entire life and start again.

What did we miss? Tag a friend who is obsessed with stationary.

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