People Are Mixing A Star Is Born With Pokémon And We Can't Unsee

People Are Mixing A Star Is Born With Pokémon And We Can't Unsee

Yesterday the Pokémon: Detective Pikachu trailer dropped, making it the first live action movie from the Pokémon series.

While the internet was kind of confused about the Ryan Reynolds narrated Pikachu, yes Pikachu can speak, the darker storyline caused fans to compare the animated classic to A Star is Born. The film will focus on Pikachu who'll investigate the mysterious disappearance of his Pokémon trainer Harry in a dark cosmopolitan city.

One character that looked a little worst for wear was Jigglypuff, the balloon Pokemon with an angelic singing voice, who in Pokémon: Detective Pikachu seems to be a struggling lounge singer. Of course, people couldn't help relate Jigglypuff's struggle to Ally, the heroine of A Star Is Born, who sings in a drag bar before being discovered by Jackson.

The wise people of the internet turned Jigglypuff's disheveled state into the most iconic meme this side of 2018 by switching Ally with Jiggly, who fans will remember fell in love with Pikachu in the animated version:


You really can't blame Jigglypuff for being tired of this modern world. At least the movie gave her hair and not a giant piece of flesh like the animated version, that would have been a tragedy.

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